Meals and Sides

Fresh Fried Chicken

We go the extra-mile to make the tastiest fresh-fried chicken at Khoury's. We hand-dip, double-bread and fresh-fry our chicken continuously throughout the day to ensure the best quality and freshness. With our specialty recipe, our delicious fried chicken is crispy but tender and juicy on the inside. We sell a variety of chicken meals large and small to accommodate every appetite or party size. Also, don't forget to order one of our famous burgers to go or a speciality sandwich with your choice of bread, meat, cheese and veggies.

Delicious Salads

When you need the perfect side dish Khoury's Marketplace has you covered! We have a variety of delicious salads made daily from cherished recipes with the freshest quality ingredients. Come try our amazing chicken oriental salad or the delicious chicken salad as well as our variety of dessert salads we always have ready to serve.

Call your local, friendly deli team member to hear the assortment of fresh salads we're serving today.

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