About Us

Sam and Gus Khoury became business partners in 1980, buying Our Store in Elko, Nevada. The brothers had bigger aspirations however, and built the first grocery store in Spring Creek, K-Market, in 1982. As Spring Creek started to grow, we knew we had to follow suit. We built Khoury's Marketplace right next door in 1995. Our slogan, "Big enough to serve, small enough to care," is what we hang our hat on. We emphasize on our customer service with our employees to make each experience pleasurable when you walk out the door. You can see Sam and Gus at each store working hard to make sure the stores are up to par. We try to go above and beyond for each and every one of our customers' needs. We will never ask you to ring up or bag your own groceries.

We wanted to grow more, so we set up a store in Winnemucca, Nevada in 2007. Just a few years later, we opened up Khoury's Fresh Market in 2010 in the housing section of Spring Creek. Although this store is not as big as the marketplace, the importance of our customer care is just as big. You can see Gus's wife, Mimi, working in the deli serving up a variety of different cuisines. We pride ourselves on providing the people of Spring Creek and Winnemucca with what they need. We are in the process of building a store in Carlin, Nevada and will put forth the same amount of effort to meet the people in Carlin's needs. We are a local, family run business so you will definitely see the second generation of Khourys working hard to keep the family business going.

We appreciate our customers and we like to show it with our many donations to local organizations, our Khoury's Winterfest Fireworks display, and our Easter Festival in the spring. We know we wouldn't succeed without the community we strive to serve. These are our ways of saying thank you, and hopefully we can serve these communities for another thirty-five years.